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10 Things I STOPPED Doing That Improved My Mental Health

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

There are tons of different tips and tricks floating around of things we can start doing to see positive effects on our mental health. And while they can all be super effective- sometimes, the most powerful method of improving our mental wellbeing is to take a closer look at the choices we're making in the day to day that could be pulling us further away from our goals of feeling good.

It's not an easy pill to swallow, but sometimes we humans have a tendency to get in our own way of feeling as great as we possibly could. For myself, realizing just how easy it is to fall into unhealthy habits (therefore, keeping us in a low vibration) & learning how to reprogram these unhealthy practices was one of the hardest steps in my journey to overcoming depression. However, it was also one of the biggest turning points when on this magnificent wellness journey that I've now been on for years.

So, here's 10 things I STOPPED doing that have truly made a massive impact on my wellness- particularly my mental health!

1. Looking at my phone in the morning

THIS IS HUGE! We live in a world where people are glued to their technology. I was so so guilty of grabbing my phone the second I woke up, shutting of my alarm, and falling deep in to a SCROLL HOLE. I would be doing all of these grounding techniques throughout my day and found myself struggling to feel truly rooted & present through it's duration. I finally committed to waiting at least 1 one hour before even looking at my phone in the morning and instead, going straight into my morning routine which usually starts with a grounding yoga flow. This one simple change has transformed how present I am each day drastically. AND! It has also rippled into the rest of my day as I usually feel much less compelled to look at my phone when I'm staying mindful and engaged in the experiences I'm in.

2. Going right to bed after working or being out

This is a little more specific to me, but you may find it's something you relate to so, I figured I'd share! I used to experience extreme fatigue the following day if I came home at night after a long day or night out only if I went straight to sleep. This fatigue was so bad at times that I would be scared to drive due to how exhausted my body would feel and there were times I felt like I would collapse. This wasn't because I had a wild night out or I had been super busy, but because I needed more time to come back into my own energy after being in busy environments. (if you're into human design, I am a projector energy type! Upon learning that, I have been able to understand how to better nurture my energy and sleep. If this is is something you deal with, it may be worth looking into your human design.) Sometimes this means even leaving the function a little earlier, so I won't want to crash the second I walk through my door but it has always been worth it! I find myself able to relax with some chill music, maybe do some journaling and THEN letting my body begin to feel tired in my own space. It has also been really helpful to only go to sleep when my body feels tired, if I force myself to sleep when I am still buzzing off of a lively environment, my exhaustion returns in the morning!

After I began doing this, I no longer experience fatigue and it has also improved the quality of my sleep as well!

3. Forcing things in my life

I have a tendency to be the kind of person who likes to take the bull by the horns and go after what I want instead of allowing things to come to me. This might work for some people but it just simply does not work well for me. I found myself over working, stressing myself out, trying to force things I thought "should" work when they simply weren't meant to be. By getting more in tune with my intuition and understanding that releasing "control" over how I think things should go doesn't have to be scary, I found myself much more aligned with my goals and passions. And therefore, more open to receiving the great things that can manifest when in the flow of life. (I also learned more about this after I began studying human design (; !) Through this mindset shift, I was also able to greatly reduce stress and negative thought patterns.

4. Eating unconsciously

This was another big one for me and something I still bring a lot of awareness to. I have written about mindful eating before and how it has been so so effective in helping me to slow down in life. Again, helping me to engage fully in my experiences and reduce that feeling of floating or zooming through life. By staying fully present with my meal, really tasting, smelling, & observing it, I find myself to be much more satisfied with each meal and rooted in my being through another experience on this globe.

5. Absorbing instead of observing

Hoooooly cow, was this a game changer. Upon truly understanding what it means to be clairsentient and empathic has been one of the wildest rides of my life. It's helped me to truly connect with my truest spirit and to others in a beautiful way. As we tend to attract ourselves (aka beings at the same frequency), it's been really wonderful to learn with other empaths how to observe the feelings from our experiences rather than absorbing them and claiming them as our own. I found this to be suuuuuch a beautiful lesson as I was able to truly understand and feel for others to act as the support system I'd always wanted to be- without taking on their struggles in such a way that was keeping me from being able to fully show up for them. This helped my mental health in tremendous ways as I was able to begin making space for those uncomfortable things that may show up and also learned how to better protect myself when it wasn't a healthy emotional/energetic exchange.

If you are looking to understand how to show up better for others and yourself as an empath- check out the Tong Len meditation practice!

6. Spending more time inside than out

Getting outdoors is so so essential for our wellbeing. In the summertime it is super easy for me to stay outside all day long and only come in at night to sleep! Especially by going camping, which is known to have tremendous positive effects on mental health. Being in the northeast and not a huuuge fan of the cold weather, it takes a little more conscious effort for me to get outside in the winter months. But since doing so, I have found myself in much better spirits throughout the grey days! Also, by doing some mindful exercises with the snow, I developed an appreciation for the frigid weather and enjoy the snowfall each year!

7. Saying "no" to the yes things in life

It's so easy to stay in the low vibration where growing experiences, beautiful memories, and outrageous laughter are passed by. For whatever reason, we'd talk ourselves out of that really cool thing we wanted to do and felt so drawn towards. Or perhaps, we'd feel a bit of nerves and decide it wasn't a good idea- when those butterflies could have actually been your reaction to your vibration shifting into alignment! If the idea feels, sounds, tastes, or even smells like a yes- go for it, you might just have the time of your life!

8. Rushing

I grew up with a lot of rushing. Being raised by a single mom who owned her own business, the hustle was REAL. This was something I found myself getting in the routine of doing even as I got older. Instead of planning out what needed to get done or giving myself a little extra time to finish tasks, I could eliminate the unnecessary pressure I was unconsciously adding for myself by staying time crunched. This made awesome improvements to my stress levels and also effected my energy levels as well!

9. Sleeping in

Of course I'm human and love my lazy days cuddled up in bed when I have a day free! But by getting my sleep on track and waking up at a decent hour each morning, I feel less groggy, more productive, and in muuuuch better spirits from the start of my day (especially if you hop into an attitude of gratitude first thing with listing 3 things you're thankful for!). This coincides with my previous item too, as I have given myself waaaay more time in each day to get things done and to do the things that light me up inside when waking up earlier!

lil tip- if you use your phone as your alarm, plug it in outside of your room or across your room so that you must get moving at the start of the day.

10. Getting frustrated on the bad days

This may seem trivial but for me, it was essential in improving my mental well being. The fact of the matter is, some days suck. But the good news is, much fewer days suck than the days that are wonderful (depending on your outlook on life, that is!). It's very easy to get lost in the idea of "never-ending fun" from posts of people sharing all the incredible things they may be up to, making it even easier to forget that there are some days that are just bleh. Nothing really happens, maybe there was miscommunication with people, you found yourself a little bummed about some plans that fell through, etc. That's life, the messiness and the richness of the variety of emotions and thoughts we're so blessed to be able to have; aren't we so fortunate to partake in this deep human experience? The ups and downs are what make life a ride, and by experiencing the downs without dwelling in them can lead to such a deep appreciation for the ups, to me- it means we're living! By making space for these things that aren't always the most comfortable, I'm able to feel less bogged down in those emotional states and I also am able to move through them more quickly! And as I said before, my appreciation for the high vibe, smile filled moments has tremendously deepened too!

What's one thing you can stop doing that will make some improvements in your wellness!?

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