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 (kəˈlɛk tɪv) adj. 1. formed by collection.  2. forming a whole; combined.


Through building this blog, my business, & interacting on social media, I have had the opportunity to get to know some really astounding people who have to offer extremely wonderful artwork, stories, wisdom, & much more! Something that brings me tons of joy is to share and support the work of like-minded, luminous souls- so I put together the Collective in hopes of creating a community for conscious, positive, and creative beings to share and appreciate one another's gifts.


 If you'd like to be apart of the collective, please scroll to the bottom of the page to get in touch!


Cosmic Sky

Moonscape Crystals

Handmade Wire Wrapped Crystals For The Signs

Moonscape pieces are all about unlocking the metaphysical potential in the individual. My name is Lyric, and I'm the artist and operator of Moonscape. I struggled with severe mental disorders and illness during my years just after college, but I experienced incredible healing augmentation when I introduced just a few key crystals and stones to my possession. I decided that everyone should be protected by their own crystals that they relate to, so I started wrapping copper crystal jewelry for others! Today I wire wrap classic stones like labradorite and moonstone, as well as a variety of lesser known crystals and stones that unlock the healing potential in everyone. 

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Fern Leaves

Sanctuary Angel Hawk

Spiritual Center

Sanctuary Angel Hawk is a Spiritual Center providing likeminded people a safe place to gather, grow and celebrate in common community and consciousness . The vision for Angel Hawk began in 2008. While searching for my own purpose and healing in life, I found myself sitting in an outdoor Grotto observing mementos and candles left by those who had come before me. The openness, safety and sacredness of this special place touched me deeply and I was guided to create a similar safe haven for others.

It has been a wonderful journey and we are very grateful for the support of our Families, our Friends and The All That Is for guiding Sanctuary Angel Hawk into realization. As a place of prayer, we respectfully honor all souls connection to The God of Their Own Understanding. We ask everyone who enters to share in this mutual respect. We look forward to growing and expanding with you!

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The Grounded Tree

Self Improvement Blog

Hi, my name is Lia and when people ask me what I do it’s very hard to limit myself because I do so many things, overall I am an enthusiast about creating the ultimate version of yourself that you know is within you. Through my blog I explore the unsettling questions that you have to ask yourself while simultaneously creating that best version of you. My expertise lie in wellness, self improvement and lifestyle topics geared to help you gain confidence. When I started I did not see a platform like this. I needed to see a platform that told me I was not alone in experiencing these thoughts and that I can and will over come it. So I created my own!  in hopes to inspire anyone out there who is ready to up level in their life and become the ultimate version of themselves.

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Light Pink Roses Close Up

Alaina Ignas

Natural & Vegan Hair Care Representative/Influencer

Hi! My name is Alaina, I’m 25 and just finding my way thanks to my new job as an independent representative/ influencer for a naturally based vegan hair care company. Also side with the incredible love and support of my team and friends I met FROM THE INTERNET! Sounds crazy right? I thought so too. When I joined Modern Nature all I wanted was good hair and a little extra money in my pocket. But what I found and what I got was beyond my wildest dreams. During and after college I had slipped into a very dark place. With dark days and panic attacks being regular I needed a way out. I dug up all the courage I had in me and jumped into an opportunity to help people have amazing, healthy hair: the natural way! Now not only am I more confident than ever, I was finally able to move out on my own, my hair is shinning and healthy, and I get to help other people with the same everyday. I wake up with a purpose: to help people fall back in love with themselves and their life. What more could you want from a job and a product?! 

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Palm Trees

Emily Loutzenhiser

Clean Bath & Body Products

Hello lovelies! My name is Emily Loutzenhiser. About 2.5 years ago my world changed when I found out I was pregnant with my sweet babygirl. Not only was I going to be responsible for another human being- I was going to be responsible for the quality of the life she lived. So, I decided to change everything. I studied nutrition in college and had been health conscious my whole life, but this was more. I realized the toxins and chemicals that were all around us- affecting our hormones, emotions, immunity, sleep, everything. I decided to take a huge risk and purchased a starter kit with Young Living. Young Living is the world leaders in essential oils. They have a seed to seal promise so you know everything inside their products is straight plant goodness. They have oils to support our health & wellness, products to keep our home & bodies clean inside & out, supplements to support us on a deeper level. They transformed our health & now I get to be that mentor for other ready to take that step on their health. If you’re ready to find this freedom too, there’s always room at the table. You can get starter at or find/message me on Instagram at @emilyloutz. 

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