Hey! I'm Hannah Kathleen. A 22 year old free spirit who has a passion for all things spirituality, personal wellness, and PEOPLE.


After 7 years of appointment upon appointment, pill after pill for chronic pain- which then led to depression, I embarked on a holistic & spiritual journey that ultimately transformed my life. I can honestly say, things have never felt so good! (& boy, do things keep getting better!)


The True Spirit blog was created as I began working my way towards coaching. It was a place for me to compile the things I was learning & observing throughout my journey, like crystal healing, holistic health tips, spiritual practices, and much more. 


Before I knew it, my dreams had manifested into reality and I was blessed with the opportunity to combine my love for people and all the amazing practices I was developing over the years by beginning my career as a Holistic Wellness Coach. 


I'm so grateful to be able to give that much needed support and act as a guide for others while they too, embark on their quest to gaining power over their health and happiness. 


I hope by reading the high vibrational, soul-enriching content & our YOU centered 1:1 coaching sessions, you'll have everything you need to nourish your body, mind, & soul. 


Stay Smiling! 


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