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"After 7 years of appointment upon appointment, pill after pill for chronic pain- which then led to depression, I embarked on a holistic & spiritual journey that ultimately transformed my life." -Hannah Kathleen ACC & EFT Practitioner.


After her own long journey with healing her ailments naturally, self-identity, and trauma recovery & reconstruction, it was clear that Hannah Kathleen was destined to put everything she'd worked so hard for herself over the years into service to others. She felt the calling to embark on the career path of life coaching, now knowing the importance of tuning in and working with the WHOLE person; mind, body, & spirit. The True Spirit blog was created in 2018 as a place for Hannah to compile the tips & practices she was learning throughout her own healing journey and as she studied. Practices like crystal healing, holistic health tips, spiritual practices, and much more.


Before she knew it, her dreams were #manifesting into reality and she was blessed with the opportunity to combine her passion for inspiring life and all the incredible practices she'd accumulated over the years by becoming a Holistic Wellness Coach. Over her years working with a worldwide team of inspiring women all working to create a change in how the world values nourishment, there were so many new things she was learning and excited to share! 

Through this time, True Spirit grew from a blog into an online shopfront where holistic & spiritual tools, downloads, practices could be access to aid in the teachings shared through the True Spirit website. True Spirit shop occasionally does vending and events so be sure to follow our Facebook or Instagram social media accounts to stay up to date on where it's going next.


Though Hannah Kathleen has now transitioned into a Women's Empowerment coach, she still cherishes and maintains her time on True Spirit where she continues to share her journey and tips while living a #holistic lifestyle. 


About True Spirit

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